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Employer relations

ESMT collaborates with recruiters and companies interested in finding new talent. Career Services' Corporate Partnership is a three-way collaboration designed to help companies and MBA students establish direct contact. Companies take full advantage of these services to become personally acquainted with each of our Master's in Management and Full-time MBA students.


There are many ways to interact with students. Read on to find out how.

  • Employer branding

    ESMT Career Fair


    Each year, the Career Services team organizes a recruitment event where employers can meet MBA and MIM students and alumni. It is a perfect opportunity to attract candidates for open roles, engage and network with our MIM and MBA students and boost awareness of the company brand.


    Which students are attending?


    Master’s in Management students from 1st and 2nd year:

    • Students in this program follow one of the following specializations: Business Analytics, Finance & Investments, Entrepreneurship & Innovation or Global & Digital Strategy
    • 1st year MIM students seek internship positions between April-October each year
    • 2nd year MIM students graduate in the summer following the fair and seek full-time graduate positions


    MBA students:

    • During the MBA program, they focus on: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Managerial Analytics, Strategic Leadership
    • MBA students have an average of 7 years work experience
    • MBA students who attend the fair are either at the beginning of their course and keen to get to know the German job-market, or are about to graduate and in the process of actively seeking advanced positions.


    Attending companies also have an opportunity to book separate interview rooms, where individual interviews can be conducted with pre-selected students.


    We will provide attending companies with the CV books of participating classes as they become available. These will help you to get to know the profiles of the students ahead of the event and allow you to prepare better for the day. We will also be in touch with you ahead of the event to confirm the logistical details.


    Next Career Fair is due to take place in February 2020. If your company is interested in taking part, please email to receive further information about the event.


    On-campus Company Presentations


    We invite companies to share their expertise and deliver an individualized networking session; either to all student groups or to a particular cohort, depending on the content and timings.


    Off-campus Company Visits


    Employers can host ESMT students at their company offices for a presentation, case study or general networking. It is a chance show of their workspace and let students learn about the company culture or a specific department.

  • Recruitment

    What kind of positions do ESMT students and graduates seek?

    • All 1st year Master’s in Management students seek internship positions between April-October each year. This internship is mandatory part of their course, and must be a minimum of 12 weeks in duration. Most students decide to commit themselves to a longer internship of 5-6 months.
    • Many Master’s in Management students, especially after returning for the second year of their studies, seek a working student position of up to 20 hours per week to continue their professional development and gain further practical experience alongside their specialization studies.
    • Master’s in Management students graduate in late summer and seek full-time graduate positions from September onwards.
    • MBA students seek advanced positions from January each year, after completing their course in the previous year.


    Find out how your company can access ESMT talent:


    Access to students’ CVs


    Reach out to the students based on their profile in the CV book.


    Each year, Career Services puts together a summary of our students’ profiles in a format of CV an profile books. Companies can receive a copy of the CV books, review the ESMT talent, and get in touch directly with the students who match their interest and recruitment needs.


    We invite you to request your copy of the available CV books by emailing


    ESMT career platform – JobTeaser


    Post a job opening on our Career Platform.


    Companies can access the job-posting platform and advertise openings. When posting a vacancy, we ask you to include information about the company, a job description, an application deadline, and contact details.


    The ESMT Career Portal JobTeaser can be accessed via this link.


    Interviews on campus


    Gain maximum exposure during a one-day event. Individual interviews make it possible to meet a variety of high-potential candidates in a personalized setting.


    We would also be happy to create an on-campus event tailored to your company’s specific recruitment needs. Get in touch via to discuss the possible options.

Marcel Kalis

Marcel Kalis

Head of Career Services

+49 30 212 31-1403


CV books available for download

To request a copy of the 2018 MBA or 2017 Master's in Management CV book, email us at

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Sophie Schaefer

Sophie Schaefer

Corporate Relations & Career Services Manager

+49 30 212 31-1412

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