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COVID-19 update

Information about COVID-19 for degree program applicants
ESMT in times of COVID-19

Student visas

In general, full-time students can apply for visas to enter Germany to study. However, keep in mind that processes of getting a student visa are still impacted in many countries. Depending on your country of origin, additional regulations may apply and will be updated regularly. Consult your local German embassy or consulate for updates or to schedule an appointment.

Latest information

Recruiting in a COVID-19 world

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March 25, 2021 - MBAGRADSCHOOLS

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ESMT Berlin COVID-19 latest info

Check out this page to find out the latest updates and procedures from ESMT. The page includes the most recent information from the Berlin and German governments.

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Bringing Company Culture To The Home Office

Organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions, meanings, values, norms, and expected ways of interacting. But how we used to connect to and build organizational cultures has changed dramatically under COVID-19, says Konstantin Korotov, professor at ESMT Berlin.

March 29, 2021 - Forbes

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ESMT and COVID-19 - Degree Program FAQ's

  • Is the university making any changes to entry requirements (i.e. test results, required documents)?

    Applicants can take either the GMAT or the Essential Skills Assessment online and submit scores with their application to all ESMT programs.

    TOEFL iBT® and the GRE tests are offered at home for candidates in most countries. We accept at-home versions of both tests.

    Please check the admissions page of the program you're interested in for the latest information.

  • How is ESMT ensuring the safety of its staff and students?

    From November 2021, entry on campus will only be allowed under the the 3G rule (proof of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test).

    Starting Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, we will have a professionally operated COVID-19 testing center on campus. The test center is located in the locker room on the first floor of the ESMT Learning Center and may be reached via the main entrance. All antigen tests are free of charge and will be conducted within regular core working hours (8 a.m.-6 p.m.). The test certificate will be issues digitally.



    -          All visitors to ESMT, including guests of students, must abide by the 3G rule. This information must be shown and documented on paper or by digital registration with the Corona-Warn or Luca app at the reception.


    -          The ESMT restaurant and café are now 2G (proof of vaccination or recovery). If you do not show proof of vaccination or recovery, you may still pick up food to take with you from the restaurant.


    -          All events on campus with more than 20 participants have to be 2G (proof of vaccination or recovery).

    -          Masks are still required on campus any time 2G guests are not seated in their 2G event area.

    Degree programs

    -          Students must wear masks and apply social distancing when on campus.

  • Which regulations are in place for entering Germany?

    ESMT Berlin students need to conform to the latest entry regulations when arriving in Germany. For up-to-date information please consult the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

    As of 23 December 2021, every person over the age of six is obliged to carry proof of their COVID‑19 status when entering Germany. Persons over the age of six must therefore have a negative test result or proof of recovery or vaccination when entering Germany. As a rule, COVID‑19 test results (antigen or PCR tests) must not be more than 48 hours old at the time of the (planned) entry. However, if entering Germany with a carrier (e.g. an airline), PCR tests may be taken a maximum of 48 hours before the (scheduled) start of the journey (e.g. departure time). But antigen tests must not be taken more than 48 hours before the (scheduled) time of arrival in Germany even if travellers are being transported by a carrier.

  • Is any travel ban currently in place in Germany?

    A travel ban is in place for countries with widespread occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 virus variants of concern (referred to as areas of variant of concern). Transport companies, e.g. air carriers and railway companies, may not transport any persons from these countries to Germany. There are only a few, strictly defined exceptions to this travel ban, namely for:

    • German citizens and persons who are resident in Germany with a current right to reside in the country, as well as their spouses, partners living in the same household and minor children
    • persons catching a connecting flight who do not leave the transit zone of a passenger airport and
    • few other special cases.

    Persons qualifying for these exceptions must nevertheless complete a digital entry registration before entering the country, undergo mandatory testing or provide proof of immunity, and comply with the applicable quarantine regulations for travellers entering the country. Further information is provided below.

    Travellers can find more information about the travel ban on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI),the website of the Federal Ministry of Health and this information leaftlet.  The list of areas of variant of concern is published on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

  • Which vaccinations are currently recognized in Germany?

    Please find here the vaccine list which contains the preparations that have a valid authorization from the European Commission.

  • Will there be any changes to the application deadlines?

    There are no changes to application deadlines for any of the degree programs currently.

    Please refer to the admissions page of the respective program for up-to-date application deadlines.

    Master's in Management application deadlines

    Full-time MBA application deadlines

    Part-time Blended MBA in Business Innovation application deadlines

    Global Online MBA application deadlines

    Executive MBA application deadlines

  • Can I apply for a German student visa as planned?

    Admitted full-time students of ESMT Berlin are generally allowed to enter the country, with the respective study visa. However, please note that the process of getting a student visa is still impacted in many countries around the world due to the pandemic, and might take longer than usual. Students from areas of virus variants of concern are not allowed to enter Germany, as there is a travel and entry ban in place. Always refer to the official government website for the latest updates. Current information for travelers to Germany is accessible on the German Federal Ministry of Health website here.

    Please also contact your local German embassy or consulate for specific information.

  • What is the status of planned campus admission open days/tours? If these events are cancelled, are they being replaced in any way (i.e. by online alternatives)?

    With the campus currently closed to large events, we have taken any scheduled on campus recruitment events online. We will continue to host and participate in virtual events, both ESMT Berlin specific and on a global scale. Please visit our events pages for the latest information and see how you can join!

    As of December 2021, events on campus can only be held under the following conditions:

    -          All events on campus with more than 20 participants have to be 2G (proof of vaccination or recovery).

    -          Masks are still required on campus any time 2G guests are not seated in their 2G event area.

    Please email the Office of Admissions if you have specific questions about your application or ESMT Berlin degree programs.

  • Will there be any changes on the semester start?

    We are currently planning to start all programs as planned. In case of any changes, we will inform you on our website or inform applicants directly.

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