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Degree Rankings

Among the world’s best

ESMT is one of only two business schools in Germany to appear in every international ranking among the top business school rankings, reflecting impressive career placement of graduates and high satisfaction among current and former students. You can investigate ESMT's ranking placement below.


Business School Rankings


Master's in Management

The Master's in Management (MIM) program combines internships and a social impact project with applied coursework and research on the latest business and management theories. The program is divided into two tracks: Quantitative Business and Innovative Management.

  • The Economist: Which MBA (#18 globally)

    The ESMT MIM is ranked:

    • #3 for personal development/educational experience and geographical diversity
    • #6 for faculty quality

    The ESMT Master's in Management program has been ranked 18th in the first Economist "Which MBA?" global ranking of the top 40 Masters in Management (MIM) programs in 2019. This ranking surveyed current students, alumni, and staff to assess indicators such as the number career opportunities, increase in salary, faculty quality, and more.

  • CEO World: ESMT's MIM program among top 3 in Europe

    ESMT Berlin has been ranked 3rd in the list of Europe's Top B-Schools for Masters in Management (MIM) Degrees.

  • The Financial Times: Global Master’s in Management ranking (#26 globally)

    ESMT has ranked #26 overall and #18 for Career progress globally in the Global Maser's in Management ranking. 


Full-time MBA

ESMT’s MBA is a one-year, personalized program with significant international and intercultural components. MBA courses focus on innovation, technology, managing big data, sustainable business development, entrepreneurship, and global strategic management.

  • Forbes: The Best Business Schools (#10 among one-year, international programs)

    ESMT Berlin placed 10th among non-US business schools and 17th globally in the Best Business Schools 2019 ranking by Forbes.


    The Ranking compares schools’ full-time MBA programs based on their return on investment (ROI). With an average five-year MBA gain of $81,600, ESMT ranks above renowned American business schools such as Columbia, MIT Sloan, and Cornell Johnson. It is one of only two schools based in Germany in the ranking.


    The Forbes ranking is based on the median ROI achieved by the graduates from the class of 2014. The five-year MBA gain represents the post-MBA salary of a typical alumnus after five years minus cost of program and foregone salary. The authors of the ranking, which is published every two years, surveyed around 17,500 alumni from more than 100 schools worldwide.

  • Bloomberg: Best B-Schools Rankings 2019-2020

    ESMT Berlin placed 15th among European business schools in the Best B-Schools Ranking by Bloomberg.

    Students and alumni especially praised ESMT's program for its diversity of the class, as well the high quality faculty and high standards of business knowledge.

    78% of students and alumni evaluated the climate for international students as extremely positive. The majority rated the climate for women (65%) and for people in the LGBTQ+ community (68%) as extremely positive, as well.

  • The Financial Times: Global MBA Rankings (#8 value for money)

    ESMT reconfirmed its place in the Financial Times MBA ranking in 2019. This ranking is among the most competitive and prestigious in the world. The largest part of the ranking is based on a survey from alumni graduating three years previously. Alumni answer questions about their career growth and satisfaction with their MBA results in their careers. The largest part of the ranking relies on the salaries and salary growth of alumni answering the survey.


    In 2019, ESMT ranked:


    #79 in the world

    #13 globally for value for money

    #3 in Germany

  • The Financial Times: Top MBAs for entrepreneurship (#2 in Germany)

    In its first "MBA for Entrepreneurship" ranking 2018, the Financial Times ranks ESMT Berlin as:


    #38 Globally

    #16 in Europe

    #2 in Germany


    The ranking shows that 18% of our graduates started their own company within three years of graduation. ESMT places second internationally in the female entrepreneurs category, with 44% of entrepreneurs being women.

  • The Economist: Which MBA? (#12 in Europe)

    The Economist Which MBA? ranks the world's full-time MBA programs. This ranking places significant value on students' reported satisfaction with a wide range of program indicators, such as classroom experience, faculty quality, classmate quality, and facilities. Current students and the three previous MBA classes are surveyed.


    In 2021, the Economist ranked ESMT's MBA program as:


    #46 in the world

    #2 in Germany

    #12 in Europe

    #26 for faculty quality

    #27 for personal development and educational experience

    #38 for post-MBA salary


Executive MBA

The ESMT EMBA is a rigorous management program that leads you through developmental phases designed to deliver the experiences and skills you will need to become an effective, integrative leader capable of thriving in complex international business environments.

  • The Financial Times: EMBA Ranking (#13 in Europe, #1 in Germany)

    • #39 globally: ESMT's EMBA program is #13 in Europe and #1 in Germany, amongst stand-alone programs.
    • #8 globally for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Economist: Which MBA (#14 globally)

    In 2018, the Economist ranked ESMT's Executive MBA program as:

    • #14  in the world
    • #1  in Germany for stand-alone programs
    • #5  for "Percentage of students who have been promoted or grown their own company since graduation"
    • #7  for students' rating of culture and classmates

    The Economist  places ESMT's Executive MBA program among the top 15 worldwide. In its bi-annual ranking, the Economist evaluates all EMBA programs on educational experience and personal development as well as career progression. The methodology includes more quantitative measures, such as details of students and faculty, the number of overseas assignments required and reports on alumni and their current salaries.


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