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Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Duration: 24 months
Study method: face-to-face
Location: Berlin
Start date: September 2023
Tuition: € 32,000
Focus: Foster positive change through networking with intrapreneurial leaders and corporate venturers

Open House

September 9 or October 28

It's important to get a good feel for the right school for you. Candidates interested in our Master in Management and MBA programs have the opportunity to attend Open House events throughout the year. 

Start and disrupt business for good

If you believe, like we do at ESMT Berlin, that the future will have to be very different from the present we are currently living, then the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESMT was designed for you. In today's dynamic networked society, it is the innovators that successfully disrupt and create the spaces for new solutions to emerge.

The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will guide you through identifying and evaluating these new opportunities, implementing business solutions, analyzing risk and more.

Through two years the program will equip you with specialized and highly sought after innovation and entrepreneurial skills - while at the same time accompanying you on your personal innovation and creation journey.

The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is offered in collaboration with Vali Berlin, ESMT's Entrepreneurship Hub.


The Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program will begin in September 2023, candidates interested in studying in 2022 or who will have more than 18 months post graduation work experience by September 2023 should view the Master in Management program page here.


Why study at ESMT?

Key focus areas for your studies

Vali Ideation Bootcamp


In collaboration with Vali. The Ideation Bootcamp enables students to discuss trends, technologies and pressing issues facing our world and develop initial solutions, together with corporates, startups, non-governmental organizations, and other like-minded entrepreneurial talents.

Summer Entrepreneurship Program

The SEP helps entrepreneurial talents to develop and elaborate their own startup ideas: from finding co-founders, identifying trends, problems and building solutions, to pitching in front of Venture Capitalists (VCs) and business angels. The teams benefit from expert mentoring, access to the ESMT and Vali Berlin network, a structured program of workshops by entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Berlin's startup scene.

NEXT program or Corporate Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)


The NEXT program supports nascent ventures (from SEP) to reach the next level in six different areas: product-market fit, human capital, fundraising, legal, administrative, and tax issues. During the CEP, students elaborate and develop venture ideas together with corporates, applying entrepreneurship within a corporate framework.

Corporate Innovation Project


Student Consulting team project delivered for a corporate partner, in collaboration with companies in the innovation field who support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Applications for the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) will open in November 2022. Admissions requirements for the MIE program will be formally announced soon. Sign up here to stay up to date with the latest news from the program.

For more information about scholarships and financing options, or to apply for the September 2022 intake of the Master in Management program, follow the links below.

Key facts

Two-year, full-time program

14 month start-up and innovation expertise provided by Vali Berlin, ESMT's Entrepreneurship Hub

Customize your Elective Portfolio to match your start-up or corporate innovation plans

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Who you are

In order to innovate you need to disrupt, and if anyone knows this it's you. While you have spent your undergraduate studies building a diverse array of skills, you really have the desire to create something new from scratch and drive innovation within an exciting and dynamic business environment. The key points of your self-branding elevator pitch might go something like...

  • Creative out-of-the-box thinker
  • A people person who knows how to take and give full advantage of a network
  • Willing to learn new things quickly
  • Not afraid to speak up against conventional wisdom
  • Looking forward to assessing and taking controlled risks

Now is the time to take conceptualization and form it into something more concrete. Your aspirations of being a founder or innovator from within start here. Your Master program should prepare you for any conceivable turn of the road by helping you...

  • Acquire the core knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation to place you ahead of the curve
  • Immerse yourself in a disruptive and collaborative environment
  • Gain access to a network of professionals and like-minded innovators
  • Develop hands-on skills needed to start your journey already in parallel to your study time
  • Get advanced insights to understand the specific industry and environments you will choose to disrupt
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What you want

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Internships and Projects

Pursue a 3 to 6 month Internship focusing on companies operating in global markets or join an international student team for your Social Impact Project, offering your time and expertise to a social venture or company project fostering a social cause.

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Jumpstart your career

Throughout your Master, our Career Services team will be on hand to offer guidance, skills development, and access to a robust professional network as you consider the next phase of your career.

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