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Executive MBA career change management

Take control of your career transition

Many self-funded candidates in the Executive MBA wish to use their ESMT experience to change their careers – whether it be company, industry, country, or functional role.

ESMT works with candidates wishing to transition their career using a tailored, individualized approach that focuses on personal one-on-one discussions with career change professionals and recruiters.

The Executive MBA Career Change program at ESMT involves:

  • Early engagement

    Students wishing to embark on a career change during the EMBA should contact ESMT during the application process for a CV feedback review. The Admissions team provides first feedback on the candidate's fit with ESMT and where synergy is possible for career change.

  • Career coaching

    Optional individual executive career coaching is available for self-funded EMBA participants. It is expected to focus on personal and professional development to advance students’ careers. Individual coaching provides an additional opportunity, in addition to group-coaching and peer-coaching, for participants to self-reflect, explore options and assess them. Individual coaching sessions are provided by proven professionals – ESMT’s own coaches as well as certified external coaches engaged in the school’s programs – either during EMBA modules in Berlin, or remotely via Skype or phone when off-campus.

  • Individual consulting project

    By mid-program, Career Change EMBA students should have defined goals for their next career move. In coordination with the EMBA Faculty Lead, students can arrange an individual applied fieldwork in a company. Such a project can be a stepping stone into a new company or industry, and expands the candidate’s network.

  • Networking opportunities

    The ESMT Berlin corporate and alumni networks are strong and closely connected around the globe. EMBA participants can choose to work individually with Career Services and the EMBA Faculty Lead to arrange one-to-one networking opportunities with relevant members.

  • Career transitions

    When feasible, Career Services invites Career Change EMBAs to the full-time MBA workshops and seminars, company events, and recruitment events. EMBA candidates wishing to participate are given event schedules well in advance.

  • Entrepreneurship

    EMBA alumni have used their new skills and knowledge to develop new companies. Interested students have a variety of resources at their fingertips. ESMT’s active Entrepreneurship Club has an extensive network, particularly in the Berlin startup and venture capital community. Many ESMT MBA and EMBA alumni have started their own company or work in very young, dynamic organizations – students gain access to our rich alumni network from the first day of class.

"When deciding between different business schools for my EMBA, a focus on personal development both as an individual and as a peer coach was an important decision criterion – and one that contributed substantially towards my choice of ESMT Berlin.    

After completing my last session with an executive coach, I am struggling to find the right words to express how grateful I am for their formidable coaching and support. Throughout my coaching sessions, they inspired instant trust and accommodated my state-of-mind on each coaching day, whilst always focusing on advancing in accordance with my development points. The process has definitely helped me to build a much clearer sense of my inner compass, – as well as given me the tools to further strengthen them going forward.” - Andreas Christensen, EMBA class of 2019

Alumni Speak

When deciding between different business schools for my EMBA, a focus on personal development both as an individual and as a peer coach was an important decision criterion – and one that contributed substantially towards my choice of ESMT Berlin.

Andreas Christensen, EMBA alumni

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Director, Career Services



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Senior Admissions Manager
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