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EMBA 2017-19 in lecture hall

Executive MBA Leadership development

Make the most of your EMBA

ESMT’s Individual Leadership Development Itinerary


Maximize your potential during the EMBA with a personal leadership development journey. ESMT designed the EMBA curriculum to help new executives make the most of their EMBA program. To this end, ESMT has designed an Individual Leadership Development Itinerary (ILDI) and fully integrated it into the curriculum.


This course lasts throughout the program, from the first module to graduation, and focuses on fine-tuning the competencies that executives need when leading teams, people, projects, and organizations.


For every EMBA candidate, the ILDI has four objectives:

  1. To identify and isolate critical issues in complex leadership situations
  2. To enhance an individual’s effective interpersonal and soft skills beyond the basics, for a variety of challenging settings
  3. To identify all relevant stakeholders in the executive’s area of responsibility and consider their interests, proposing integrative solutions
  4. To prepare EMBA students to integrate long-term sustainable and ethical considerations into the decision making process


The ILDI is a combination of class seminars, workshops, individual coaching, and reflection assignments which, combined with traditional EMBA academic coursework, focus on a student’s personal transition and development. This unique approach to executive education makes the EMBA at ESMT a truly transformative experience. Through integrating the personal development itinerary with ESMT’s top Faculty, EMBA participants gain a unique experience that allows them to take on added responsibilities immediately.


  • Enhanced peer coaching
  • Emphasis on personal reflection competencies of executives
  • Dedicated faculty lead to facilitate personal and leadership development


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