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MBA 2019 Class photo with staff

ESMT Full-Time MBA Class Profile

A class of professionals who make a difference

ESMT gathers the most diverse and talented MBA class in Germany. Every year, ESMT accepts around 55-65 students from across the globe who share the School’s passion for responsible leadership. Our MBA participants have strong educational and professional backgrounds, possess the ambition to make a difference, and show potential to transition to larger leadership roles. ESMT believes that a diverse classroom experience forms the cornerstone of the MBA: students learn to work within diverse teams to become global leaders.


Contact current students

Our MBA student ambassadors are here to help you understand what it means to study at ESMT Berlin. There is no greater way to understand the benefit of something than to ask someone who has gone before you. Whether you want to learn more about classes, the consulting projects, or just generally what life as a student in Berlin is like – our ambassadors are here to answer any questions you may have.

You may contact the ambassadors at Make sure to tell them a bit about yourself as well, and what you are interested in knowing more about.


ESMT MBA class profile 2021

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