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Pre- and Post-MBA options

Extend the value of your MBA


A few months prior to the start of the MBA program in January you can choose to arrive in Berlin and enroll in full-time, intensive German language classes. Classes are scheduled to begin in October, but the start date is flexible depending on your schedule. We recommend three months of study to introduce you to the German language or boost your current level. You can continue with your German language studies during the MBA program.


After completing all academic requirements of the MBA, you can choose to apply for the Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF) and use your skills to give back. The RLF start and end dates are flexible, but typically follow the MBA program between February to June.

You can also choose to continue your German language studies following the MBA program.

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  • German language study

    Where? Berlin and/or online

    When? You can choose to start your language course as early as July and continue until December, before the MBA start in January. The majority of students however attend the course from October to December. The  course continues during the MBA (optional, at no additional cost) and following your MBA (optional, at additional cost).

    For international students moving to Germany, and considering establishing their career in the country, learning German is encouraged. ESMT offers the opportunity of intensive German language courses before the MBA program begins, in coordination with GLS (German Language School Berlin). Additionally, all enrolled students will have access, for one year, to Babbel, our online language learning partner.

    If you plan to enroll in these language courses, you are encouraged to submit your completed MBA application by the early July deadline. Applications received after this deadline may be accepted after consultation with the Admissions Office. The cost of a standard language course (20 lessons/week) at GLS depends on several factors such as duration of the course, and if you book an early bird offer. For more specific and up-to-date information and rates, please contact the Admissions Office.

  • The Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF)

    Where? Developing countries, projects available in diverse settings

    When? Up to six months, February to June, post-MBA program

    MBA Graduates can delay their job search for up to six months in order to complete a social impact project in a developing country. Students provide pro-bono service to organizations or institutions that creates value and social change for the community. All airfare, living stipend, and other related costs are covered by generous contributions from ESMT's Circle of Friends.

    Project Partner Mission Country Mission


    South Africa Linking European entrepreneurs with African entrepreneurs


    Belize, India Bringing solar energy to rural areas by empowering the local communities
    Kenya Providing medical services to the slums of Nairobi
    South Africa Teaching business and entrepreneurship courses in TSiBa, a business school focusing on graduating entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change in Cape Town
    Welthungerhilfe Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe ICT solutions for agriculture: developing new local farming techniques to improve productivity
    Worldwide Fund for Nature
    India, Myanmar Developing sustainable investment policies with local governments



    Supporting local entrepreneurs with their strategy, marketing activities and business partnerships

    Penda Paper


    Establishing Penda Paper, a paper recycling company, as a strong competitor

    Negotiations for the World (NFTW)


    Connect with local institutions to promote the program


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RLF Video Roxie

Roxie Overaker talks about why she chose to do the Responsible Leaders Fellowship and what motivated her to work in Kenya with Lookslike Avido.

Beverly's RLF Diary

Beverly's RLF Diary

Beverly Dodard-Guillaume talks about why she chose to do the RLF and what motivated her to work with the Huru Foundation, a new NGO based in Nairobi.

The Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF)

The Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF)

Watch as Arinjay describes his RLF experience in Belize.

Roxie's RLF diary – supply chain

Roxie's RLF diary – supply chain

Roxie talks to David about where he sources his fabrics from and provides an insight into the Lookslive Avido supply chain.

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