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MBA Personal Development

Integrative leadership development

ESMT ties its MBA program together with a year-long course on personal development. Complementing your academic studies are multiple courses on personal development. Being successful requires having personal competencies that enable you to work harmoniously across functions and the ability to influence others to reach shared goals.

Throughout the MBA year at ESMT, you will attend a series of personal development workshops and seminars designed to allow reflection on the MBA experience, draw conclusions, and facilitate personal growth outside of the classroom.

We start with intense team-building exercises that create a sense of camaraderie with your classmates. Further high-impact sessions on managing group work and intercultural sensitivity follow. There is also a public speaking workshop, and, for non-native English speakers, a writing workshop to hone communication skills. Later in the program, we devote three days to negotiation skills. Simulations help you put what you have learned into practice.

Finally, ESMT senior faculty will lead you through a concluding seminar before reentering the workforce. You and your classmates will explore common challenges faced by MBA graduates during their first job placement and discuss recent cases related to leadership challenges.

Achieve your Goals

Depending on the desired outcome, the ESMT Berlin Full-Time MBA offers you a bespoke pathways to reach your personal and professional goals, with specially designed focuses for your journey.

  • Intra-or entrepreneurship

    If you are interested in intra- or entrepreneurship:

    • The Innovation and Entrepreneurship track will be the start of your journey
    • During the summer term, apply entrepreneurship principles to solve a social or industrial challenge
    • In the electives, choose courses such as Entrepreneurial Strategy, Design Thinking, From Ideas to Business, and the Start Up Challenge
    • Use the capstone project to build out your business or expansion plans
    • And post-program, join the incubator program offered by our partner VALI Berlin
  • Future business leader and innovator

    If you want to make your mark on the business world:

    • Chose the Managerial Analytics track
    • In the summer term, complete an internship anywhere in the world
    • Choose courses like Matchmakers in the digital economy, Quantitative Methods in Marketing, Integrative Leadership, and Conflict Management
    • Take advantage of the career services support throughout the year to visit companies at their headquarters and meet with them on campus.
    • Work as a consultant for an established company and get first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities involved in solving the issues of another company
  • German Mittelstand

    The German Mittelstand (SMEs) are the companies that have helped forge Germany’s economic success. If you want to make your mark:

    • Choose the Strategic Leadership track
    • Improve your German language skills with evening classes and take them further in the intensive 6-week Sommer-Sprachschule
    • Choose from electives such as Business German, Global Industrial Strategies, Geopolitics, and Sustainable Supply Chains
    • And use the capstone project to be a consultant to a leading German company

The Master Class: Poignant leadership discussions with industry leaders

Small classes at ESMT ensure you get the most from corporate speakers. Throughout the year, you will be invited to Masterclasses, evening events where the MBA class discusses business, life, and leadership questions with a high-level executive. These evenings are closed to the public and press, so you can personally learn what it is like to be on the board of a global company.

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Master Classes

ESMT Berlin talked to Hubert Patricot, Executive Vice President and President of the European Group, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.