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FAQ - Global Online MBA

  • Why join the Global Online MBA at ESMT Berlin?

    Our Global Online MBA is an ideal way to continue working full-time while gaining knowledge and competences to support your personal and professional development. The program is modular and consequently allows you as a student to learn with ultimate flexibility, at your own pace. This means that you can access online lectures and other study materials from anywhere.

    The core topics of the program include decision making, analytics and innovation, in addition to all essential MBA topics. At the same time, interaction between participants and faculty, as well as interaction among participants themselves, is encouraged, with a strong focus on social learning.

    After successful completion of the opening module, you can enroll in any scheduled module at the start of each term, offering you a high degree of individualization. As all courses are delivered exclusively online, there is no travel or on-campus attendance requirement (although a face-to-face module is offered in Berlin). Optional additional services such as personal career counseling or an international learning expedition, can be booked for an additional fee.

  • Am I a "good fit” for the Global Online MBA?

    The Global Online MBA is for participants who want to develop their analytical skills, leadership qualities and their ability to innovate - but without having to give up their jobs. The program is particularly suitable for those who rely on a high degree of flexibility. As a student you can complete the program in as little as 24 months, but have a total of up to five years to complete the degree.

    You must have at least three years of professional experience. In addition, an undergraduate degree or another equivalent qualification is required. A GMAT or GRE admission test is not mandatory, but is strongly recommend. Since the program is entirely in English, we also require you to provide appropriate language credentials.

  • What are the admissions requirements for the Global Online MBA program?

    Before starting an online application, prospective students must meet all of the following admission requirements. Find the full list here: 

    • 3 years postgraduate, professional experience
    • An undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification
      • applicants to the Online MBA program with a first degree, proof of a GMAT/GRE/ESMT Business Admissions Test score is optional. Graduates of non-quantitative or non-business subjects are strongly encouraged to provide evidence of an above average and well-balanced GMAT/GRE/ESMT Business Admissions Test score.
      • If the Admissions and Examinations Committee is of the opinion that an applicant cannot adequately demonstrate the ability to study through his or her academic courses, proof may be requested by submitting an appropriate GMAT/GRE/ESMT Business Admissions Test score and made a condition of admission.
    • English proficiency test scores (non-native speakers who did not earn a university degree exclusively taught in English have to prove a strong command of the English language, demonstrated as a rule in the admission interview, in case of a doubt an applicant might be asked to pass a test such as TOEFL or a similar one)
    • One written and one two minutes video essay upload
    • Two recommendations
    • Interview (per video call)
    • Application fee of €50


  • Is there an application fee for the Global Online MBA?

    Yes, you will be prompted to pay a €50 fee before submitting your online application. Start your application!

  • What are the Global Online MBA’s GMAT and GRE requirements? Can these be waived?

    GMAT, GRE and ESMT’s admissions test are optional, but strongly recommended for applicants who have a non-quant / non-business undergraduate background. They may be requested by the Admissions Committee upon reviewing your submitted application.

  • What is the ESMT admissions test?

    The Business Admissions Test (BAT) is administered by ESMT Berlin and can be taken online or in person. The duration of the test is around 2 hours.

    The test consists of four parts (each 30 minutes long):

    • Communication Analysis (CA)
    • Critical Thinking (CT)
    • Data Interpretation (DI)
    • Data Analysis (DA)



  • How many and what kind of references should be included in the application?

    As part of the application, you must include two letters of recommendation. These may be academic or professional referees (from previous employers).

    The ideal letter of recommendation is from referees that know about your performance and will take the time to write a thorough and supportive letter, detailing specific examples rather than general statements.

    Your recommenders can fill in the online reference form, which you can send from the online application system once you have filled in your referee’s contact details. Alternatively, they can send a recommendation letter directly to us via email or provide you with the recommendation letter for you to upload into your online application or send to us via email.

  • How can I prove English proficiency or waive the test requirement?

    An English proficiency test will be waived if

    • English is your native language or
    • You earned a university degree exclusively taught in English or
    • You have worked in an English speaking country or an organization whose language of communication was English for 12 months or more

    In addition, a strong command of the English language should also be demonstrated in the admission interview.  The admission rules state: Non-native speakers who did not earn a university degree exclusively taught in English have to prove a strong command of the English language, demonstrated as a rule in the admission interview, in case of a doubt an applicant might be asked to pass a test such as TOEFL or a similar one.

  • Is German proficiency required for the Global Online MBA program?

    German language proficiency is not required. English is ESMT´s working and teaching language and English is widely spoken in Berlin.

  • Do I have to be employed when I apply to the Global Online MBA?

    No, you do not have to be currently employed to apply to the program.

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  • What are the Global Online MBA’s tuition fees?

    The tuition and fees for the Global Online MBA is €25,000, which includes access to the learning platform and content, and required case study licenses.

    For the greatest financial flexibility, the Global Online MBA tuition can be paid by module.

    Tuition can also be paid in full in advance, resulting in a 10% discount of the overall price of €25,000.

    If you submit your full application by the early-bird deadline you are eligible for a tuition reduction of €2,000.

    Please refer to our Tuition & Fees webpage for more details.


  • How is the Global Online MBA structured?

    ESMT’s Global Online MBA consists of 100% online study. The program can be started either in May or in September every year. A unique kick-off module is followed by four core modules, followed by an elective and an optional global exchange module. The program is rounded off by the final report module.
    The MBA is set up to be a 24-month program, with the option to take up to five years to complete it at your own pace.
    Please visit our website for complete module dates and details.
    ESMT’s innovative course design means you can study at times which suit you. Each module lasts for 15 weeks and contains nine hours of live teaching sessions and weekly live office hours. Each live teaching session is offered twice to ensure you can join from any time zone. Course materials including mini-lectures and interactive activities are built into all modules to allow studying at your own pace.

  • Is presence on the Berlin campus required at any point during the Global Online MBA?

    All of the Global Online MBA courses are conducted virtually. Exceptions are the two Global Experience electives: The Berlin Experience Week requires presence in Berlin for one week, whereas the Global Experience Week takes you on an international study trip anywhere in the world. Participation in either Experience week is optional. Participation in the Berlin Experience week is included in the Global Online MBA tuition. Participation in the Global Experience Week is not included in the Global Online MBA tuition and will be subject to an additional fee. 

  • What is the Hub? / What learning technologies will I be working with?

    The Hub is a cutting-edge virtual learning platform used to provide online classes and communications with you. It offers a variety of options for you to interact with other students, faculty and program management. Courses are divided into sessions and each session will contain a selection of mini-lectures, links to readings and cases, individual and group activities. You can find assessment details and links to live online sessions in the relevant course section. Sign up for a test of the Learning Hub here.

  • What is the online class schedule? Do I have to participate in all classes?

    The majority of the schedule will include weekly topics and activities to be completed asynchronously. In addition, live online classes take place via Zoom and The Hub in real time. Live classes are designed to maximize interaction with the course teaching team and your classmates. Each live session will be repeated twice to accommodate students in different time zones. Ideally, you participate in live classes at one of the two times each is offered, but ESMT also records the live classes so you can watch them later if you were perhaps unable to join.

  • How often do I have to submit assignments?

    Coursework should be completed on a weekly basis. Each course consists of 10 sessions, and each session should ideally be completed in the week it is scheduled. Working ahead is usually possible, but you should strive to follow the course pace to ensure effective group work.

    Graded assignments do NOT happen every week in each course. There are on average 3 graded assignments per 10 week-course, and they tend to be scheduled towards the end of a course, but deadlines will be distributed over the entire course to keep workload at a decent level.

  • How will my work be assessed during the courses?

    We seek to provide you with a variety of meaningful opportunities to show your learning and therefore, we have a wide selection of assessment types (essays, presentations, quizzes) in each course. Most courses include a combination of individual and group assessment, with deadlines which will be balanced across the courses in a module in a manageable way.

  • When will I be able to view the full course content?

    Our courses use a variety of media (readings, presentations by Faculty, YouTube clips, etc.) and all materials are available to you at the start of a course. Our courses follow a weekly schedule but are designed for you to study at your own pace within those weeks, with occasional synchronous activities.

  • How will I be able to participate in group projects during the Global Online MBA?

    There are a variety of collaboration opportunities for you and most courses will involve a combination of individual and group assessment. The ability to collaborate successfully with peers is traditionally an essential part of the MBA learning experience; the ability to collaborate in globally located virtual teams is an essential part of today's business landscape. Our courses are designed to encourage and reward collaborative learning, and your fellow students will bring a wealth of different perspectives and knowledge from their various backgrounds.

  • Do I need to purchase additional study material apart from what will be offered online?

    A few classes may require online textbooks and you will need to purchase those. The majority of our courses will have all materials provided through the Hub or available for free online. We strive to keep any additional costs to a minimum.

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  • Where can I find more information regarding the COVID-19 impact on programs?

    The latest information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on programs and ESMT campus activities can be found here.

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