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Tuition and fees

Financing options for the Global Online MBA

The tuition and fees for the Global Online MBA are €26,500, which includes access to the learning platform and content and required case study licenses.  You will also receive a Smart Certificate that you can use to share your verified achievement with employers and social media.  Smart Certificates will be awarded for each of Modules 0-4, and the overall MBA program.


When you are accepted into the program, we will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of €4,000.  This can be reduced if you apply early.

Payment plans

We are pleased to offer you three different ways to pay your remaining tuition (tuition less deposit) for the Global Online MBA.

1:  Payment in full:  if you decide to pay in full when the program starts your tuition will be reduced by 15% to €22,525.  Note that this offer cannot be combined with the early application discount.

2:  Pay over two installments:  when paying over installments, tuition is reduced by 5% to €25,175. The first instalment of €10,675 will be due when the program starts, while the remaining balance (€10,500) will become due one year later.  These amounts will not change.

3:  Pay by module:  for the greatest financial flexibility, you can pay by module.  While ESMT reserves the right to increase the per module fee, your tuition will be fixed for the entire program once you apply.  The current module fees are as follows:


Module Price in EUR
Module 0 + enrollment fee 4,000
Module 1 3,750
Module 2 3,750
Module 3 3,750
Module 4 3,750
Module 5 3,750
Module 6 3,750
Total tuition 26,500


Early application discount

For students who apply by the early application deadline, the deposit (which covers the non-refundable enrolment and Module 0 fee) is reduced by €2,000. The first payment will thus be €2,000 instead of €4,000.

It is not possible to combine the early application discount with payment in full; you can, however, combine this offer with payment over two installments, or with payment by module.


Financing tip! Should you qualify for the tuition discounts above, your Global Online MBA could cost less than €1,000 per month when dividing the remaining tuition across the 24 months of the program.




Deutsche Börse

For September 2022 entry only, Deutsche Börse is offering five scholarships of €8000. The scholarships are limited to 1 per candidate. To apply for one of these scholarships, please answer the following question in the online application:

  • The values of ESMT Berlin are community, curiosity, courage, and rigor: which one of these values resonates most with you and why? (250 words max).


BMW Group for Ukraine

Recognizing the fundamental roles that education, the economy, and women play in post-conflict recovery, ESMT and BMW are partnering to offer up to ten women displaced from Ukraine an opportunity to join the Global Online MBA through the BMW Group Fellowships for Ukraine program. Over the course of 24 months, fellowship recipients will develop the skills and competences needed to contribute to Ukraine’s economic redevelopment.

BMW Group will pay tuition for up to ten women displaced from Ukraine to study for the ESMT Berlin Global Online MBA. The triple-accredited, globally recognized, MBA program starts in January, May, and September and can be completed in as little as 24 months of part-time study.

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Payment Information

Winning the scholarship overwrites all other discounts, including early application and different payment plans. This means the tuition for scholarship recipients will be €18,500. The implications for the different payment options are as follows:

  • Pay in full: €4,000 deposit plus €14,500

  • Pay over two installments: €4,000 deposit plus two payments of €7,250

  • Pay by module: €4,000 deposit and per module fees of €2,417


Optional courses and electives at an additional cost

Some optional parts of the Global Online MBA can be purchased for an additional fee: Personalized career coaching sessions, as well as the Global Experience elective, are offered at an additional cost should you choose to attend them. You can choose to add these options after beginning the program. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Tax Deductions

Many countries allow tuition for higher education, and related costs, to count as tax-deductible expenses. You can learn more about the requirements in Germany, for example, here. Please check with your tax advisor to assess your personal situation.

Possible deductions might include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Travel required by the program
  • Temporary housing expenses
  • Cost of prep courses - English, special courses, etc.
Tax guide for students