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Meet the MIM class

Class profile MIM 2020

Management learning through interdisciplinary and intercultural discussion

Meet our MIM class of 2020-2022: A class gathering an elite group of talented recent graduates from all over the world. The MIM program accepts top-performing students with a first university degree and little or no postgraduate work experience. No matter where they come from or what they've studied, all our students share a desire to launch an international career while applying analytical and strategic solutions to today's business problems.

Our MIM classes are small, diverse groups. ESMT searches for students with international experience who can perform work in high-performing, diverse teams. Our MIM program is by far the most diverse in Germany - no one country makes up more than 25% of the class.

MIM Class profile 2020


  • Previous studies

    Students in the MIM come from a variety of disciplines. Around 55% finished their bachelor's in business/management or economics, another 20% in engineering. Around one fourth of the current MIM cohort holds a degree in another discipline, such as Natural Sciences or Arts.


    MIM 2020 - previous studies

  • Geographic diversity

    Among the 148 students, 74% are from a destination other than Germany. Students come from 43 different countries, and are on average 23 years old.

    For German applicants, the MIM program is an excellent way to get immersed in an international setting while living in Berlin and gaining valuable contacts in Germany's top companies.


    MIM 2020 - geographic diversity

  • Contact Current Students

    Our MIM student ambassadors are here to help you understand what it means to study at ESMT Berlin and to be part of the MIM experience. There is no greater way to understand the benefit of something than to ask someone who has gone before you. Whether you want to learn more about classes, internships, or just generally what life as a student in Berlin is like – our ambassadors are here to answer any questions you may have.

    You may contact the ambassadors at Make sure to tell them a bit about yourself as well, and what you are interested in knowing more about.

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