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Social Impact Project in Saint Lucia

Social Impact Project

Broaden your influence

The Social Impact Project is a five-week project during the second year of the Master in Management program. It offers students the opportunity to serve as an economic or management consultant for an organization with specific social impact objectives, such as a non-profit organization, a CSR department, a social entrepreneurship venture, or a social impact project of a for-profit organization.

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Master Voices

Watch the highlights of one of the 2021 Social Impact Projects at Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, a non-profit organization that advocates for and on behalf of women and children who are victims of gender-based violence.

Master Voices

Alumna Taylar Herman shares her Social Impact Project experience, talking about how she and her team helped Raise Your Voice, a non-profit organization based in Saint Lucia that supports and empowers victims of domestic violence.

As consultants in these Social Impact Projects, MIM students are expected to apply the tools from courses such as management science, economics, finance, marketing, strategy and organizational behavior to guide the decision-making process and increase the likelihood of achieving the desired social impact.

During the project, students develop skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and project management, which are difficult to acquire without guided practice. Unique to ESMT, MIM students are required to use these skills to benefit society as a whole, which is a cornerstone of ESMT’s mission. The Social Impact Project is therefore applied fieldwork with the goal of developing well-rounded, socially conscious graduates.

Students are welcome to travel to the project destinations to gain onsite experience and consult directly with the social ventures.

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MIM Voices

A summary of the Social Impact Project with UNDP in Tanzania

MIM voices

A summary of the Social Impact Project with Allianz Global Sustainability

MIM Voices

A summary of the Social Impact Project with Farmers of the Future in South Africa

Examples of current MIM Social Impact Projects

  • Allianz SE | Group Sustainability, Munich/Germany - Researching and setting up suitable models for further enhancing Global Partnerships
  • Beca a un Pana, Venezuela - Creating a sustainable business plan for a student scholarship fund NGO
  • COVID-DATA, Berlin/Germany - Creating publicity strategy for different COVID-19 vaccines in the market
  • Freundeskreis Nepal e.V., Nepal - Developing a fundraising strategy for an education and inclusion NGO that addresses disability discrimination
  • GIZ, Cambodia - Opportunity assessment of decentralized smart grids solutions for the food & agricultural sector
  • MMKN, Lebanon - Strategy development for health awareness campaign in an under-privileged population
  • SINA, Uganda - Plastic Upcycling in Ugandan Refugee Camp

Past projects

  • Audi AG, Germany - Analyzing the strategy of future sustainability and development projects at Audi
  • Bean Voyage, Costa Rica - Optimizing operations and marketing processes for a coffee distribution startup
  • Deloitte, Germany - Assessing social innovation programs at Deloitte
  • DHL, India - Identifying opportunities to foster the collaboration between DHL and SOS Children Villages
  • Lotus Fund, Vietnam - Impact assessment project for social startup investments
  • MicroEnergy, Peru - Project improving the value chain of mini-grids in rural areas
  • OECD - Measuring the cost of inaction in developing countries
  • PwC, Athens - Using the success factors of Berlin start-ups to help grow the Greek entrepreneurship scene
  • UNDP, Uganda - Finding innovative solutions to make Uganda Tourism Ecosystem Platform (UTEP) financially sustainable in the mid- and long term
  • UNIDO, Ecuador - Market research project about fruit extraction and production
  • United Nations, Paraguay - Improving the sustainability of cotton farming by preserving the national culture
In their own words
Social Impact Project Reflections

The social impact project with MicroEnergy in Peru showed me that in some countries, despite the big economic growth experienced in the last years, there is still a lot to do in order to reduce inequality.

Eugenio Fasano, master alum
Social Impact Project Reflections

Taking a break from the conventional for-profit businesses, the Social Impact Project with Ashoka in Berlin provided me the chance to learn in-depth about the setup of social businesses.

Sopha Nem, master alum

Business schools are preparing students for social impact careers