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Timeline & courses

ESMT’s curricular content is rigorous, relevant, and brought to you by senior faculty, whose cutting-edge research is published in top academic journals. Consistently ranked as one of the best business schools in Germany, ESMT Berlin is accredited by AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and FIBAA, the highest distinctions of quality for business schools around the world.

We invite you to have a look at the timeline and courses for the part-time, blended MBA September 2020 intake.

What you need to know about the Part-time MBA curriculum

  • Courses

    Read descriptions of our core MBA courses as well as the Innovation & Transformation courses below.

    • Data analytics for managers: Be an intelligent consumer of data by distinguishing good analytics from bad analytics and learn data analytic techniques that will allow you to meaningfully describe your data and build predictive models.
    • Economics for digital business: To introduce basic economic concepts of practical value in business life.
    • Data and decisions: Develop your critical thinking, analysis and creativity skills, with particular focus on the application of quantitative frameworks to specific business settings such as marketing, finance, and human resources.
    • Ethics and responsibility: The course addresses selected ethical and sustainability implications of managerial decision-making – challenges typically arising as soon as conflicting interest of different stakeholders are involved – to understand  how great organizations can successfully manage to create value and benefit for multiple stakeholders simultaneously.
    • People, teams and organizations:  Application of a body of knowledge related to individual and collective behaviors in organizations, as well as to organizational systems that affect these behaviors, for analysis of managerial options and choices.
    • Marketing and sales in a digital world: Develop an understanding of key concepts and decision areas in marketing and sales.
    • Operations management: The course gives a comprehensive overview on creating value through operational excellence. This entails designing and managing the operational processes to support the value proposition, and to seamlessly match customer demand with supply.
    • Accounting: Gain familiarity with the process of supporting managers of business units, projects and products with relevant and accurate analysis of present and future financial performance.
    • Entrepreneurial strategy: Build a toolkit of strategy tools and frameworks and communicate about strategy using strategy "language".
    • Customer analytics in the digital age: The course helps you understand and segment customers through the use of advanced quantitative methods.
    • Financial management: Learn how to apply the techniques of compounding and discounting, the capital asset pricing model, techniques for valuing securities and pricing risk, as well as capital budgeting, etc., to complex corporate situations, and how to identify and isolate the necessary critical information.
    • New business creation (entrepreneurship): Develop your ability to apply knowledge, frameworks and techniques from many disciplines, such as marketing and finance, to the context of going from idea to company.
    • Agile leadership: Define and discuss agility and ambidexterity at individual, relational, and organizational levels.
    • The human factor of innovation: The management of innovation has often centered on company-internal aspects of this process, such as motivating scientists and engineers and creating effective collaborations between such specialized people, and with even external partners. This course addresses selected management challenges and opportunities presented by technological innovation.
    • Customer centricity: This advanced marketing course uses case studies to learn approaches to providing great customer experience at the point of sale and after the sale for competitive advantage. 
    • Matchmakers in the digital economy: Achieve a sophisticated understanding of what makes multi-sided platforms in technology-intensive businesses (also known as "matchmakers", such as eBay, amazon, Uber, Spotify) distinctive with respect to their business models, pricing and investment strategies.
    • Data-driven technological innovation: Familiarize yourself with techniques to leverage data for insights that drive innovation.
    • Global Week and Global Trek: The program includes two (optional, some at additional cost) week-long modules abroad, either as part of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Network Weeks, on a Global Business School Network (GBSN) trek, or on a international week at Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC) in Brazil. Credits earned on international modules can be used to substitute other courses. Places on international modules are limited. Availability is not guaranteed for all participants.

    This list of courses is subject to change and will continually be updated.

  • Blended 80/20 format

    Our integrated approach calls for 80% online study, with 20% of the program taking place in person over 14 weekends in either Berlin or Munich. The face-to-face weekend modules start Thursday evening, with full days of courses on Friday and Saturday. The classroom setting allows for discussion, network building and peer-to-peer learning while learning from ESMT’s best-in-class faculty.

    You'll study online at your own pace with interactive sessions, assignments, and projects. You can expect to devote 12-15 hours every week between weekend modules.

  • Experience the online learning platform

    ESMT’s experienced, in-house Edtech team works to ensure a seamless study experience on the world’s most innovative learning platform. We liaise closely with professors and the Future of Management Education (FOME) partnership to keep updated with the latest knowledge, new learning models and techniques, and the right technologies to deliver a high-quality and impactful educational experience.

  • Career Services

    Throughout the two-year program, our Career Services team will be on hand to offer guidance, skills development, and access to a robust professional network as you consider the next phase of your career. Each weekend module will have dedicated career workshops or seminars integrated into the schedule. As an ESMT student, you will have the chance to meet with potential employers and recruiters, and connect with business leaders from an array of different sectors. Through the Alumni network, you'll also build your professional network on a local and international level.

    Please refer to our Part-time MBA Careers page for more information.

Video of Professor Raji Jayaraman introducing the course 'Data Analytics for Managers'
Sneak Peek

Take a quick look at an example of our learning platform, where Professor Raji Jayaraman gives a brief introduction to the class 'Data Analytics for Managers'.


Events Dates
Induction in Berlin September 24-26, 2020
Weekend module 1 October 22-24, 2020
Weekend module 2 November 19-21, 2020
Weekend module 3 February 4-6, 2021
Weekend module 4 March 4-6, 2021
Weekend module 5 May 6-8, 2021
Weekend module 6 June 10-12, 2021
Weekend module 7 August 5-7, 2021
Weekend module 8 September 2-4, 2021
Weekend module 9 October 28-30, 2021
Weekend module 10 December 2-4, 2021
Weekend module 11 February 3-5, 2022
Weekend module 12 March 10-12, 2022
Weekend module 13 May 12-14, 2022
Weekend module 14 June 9-11, 2022
Graduation Early October 2022