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Alumni Voices

The experience is half the learning.
What do alumni say about their time at ESMT Berlin?
Alumni voices

MIM student insights

Listen to MIM student Raquel Gonzalez speak about what brought her from her hometown of Barcelona to Berlin, and her fruitful internship experience at RIMOWA.

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The ESMT alumni network

Learn more about the ESMT alumni community and what benefits await you after graduation.

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MBA voices

Thanks to the diverse projects and new relationships built during the program, the ESMT MBA Program provided me with a safe environment in which to test new possibilities, both for personal and professional advancement.

Laura Noval, MBA Graduate
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The practical and interactive approach of teaching has allowed me to immediately apply the concepts to my organization and work.

Thorunn Devoy, PT MBA student

Our cohort has an eclectic mix of students from across the globe and varied professional backgrounds, and meeting and interacting with them was an enriching experience.

Ashok Vasudevan, PT MBA Student