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Networking doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom

ESMT’s student clubs are student initiatives that begin with a desire to get directly involved, where theory meets practice. Each club at ESMT was formed by students’ proposals and a desire to create something new and productive for future ESMT students. Students from all degree programs are welcome to join and take part in initiatives.

Read further about the missions and goals of the various student organizations at ESMT.

Agriculture Club Excursion
Agriculture Club

The Agriculture Club visited Gut&Bösel, where Benedikt Bösel (@benediktboesel), head of the German AgTech Platform, presented his current projects on sustainable farming.

ESMT student clubs

  • Agriculture Club


    The Agriculture Technology Club's mission is to actively help the innovation of agriculture technology. 
    Compared to any other industry, agriculture today is at the lowest level of digitalization. With current political turmoil, farmers of any size find it difficult to sustainably innovate their farming processes.
    We support this endeavor and save not only time and physical labor, but also create environmentally friendly ways to yield maximum quality and quantities of produce to help feed the growing world population long-term.


    Through our club activities, we can directly experience the advent of agriculture technology - from planning to development, testing and even creating distribution models.

    Current activities: Greenhouse sensor testing, coated seed testing, consulting project for AgTech startup, consulting project for farm.


    You can contact us via our club email

    Visit the Agricultural Technology Club page here


  • Consulting Club

    We are the ACI Consulting Club of ESMT Berlin, led and organized entirely by a group of consultancy-driven Master in Management and Master in Business Administration students.


    Preparing fellow ESMT students for a high-impact career in the consulting industry.


    The ESMT Consulting Clubs provides two key services to club members:

    1. Consulting projects

    ACI Consulting Club members have exclusive access to consulting projects and apply theoretical knowledge in consultancy projects while providing solutions for real-life problems within companies.

    1. Networking and industry preparation

    We provide monthly networking activities (e.g. interview preparation for consulting companies, case studies workshops, etc.) which will enable you to enlarge and develop your consulting mindset.

  • Entrepreneurship Club


    The Entrepreneurship Club (EPS) creates opportunities for ESMT students and alumni to exchange ideas, support and experience around all subjects related to the entrepreneurial environment. Its primary purpose is to provide members direct insight into all phases of the lifecycle of a company, from the business idea to market penetration and establishment, all the way to the IPO, acquisition or insolvency. The club organize visits to Berlin startups and VCs, invite guest speakers with entrepreneurial thinkers and build bridges between ESMT and other universities in entrepreneurial aspects by welcoming foreign university EPCs' visit to Berlin. Past events have included Delivery Hero, Babbel, Zeotap, Early Bird, Instiglio,  et cetera.. Furthermore, in 2018, the Club organized the first ever ESMT Hackathon. Many students and programmers joined the event, which strengthened ESMT´s presence among the local and European startup scene.

    In the "MBA for Entrepreneurship" ranking 2018 the Financial Times ranks ESMT Berlin as: #38 Globally, #16 in Europe and #2 in Germany.


    • Network – grow the network within the entrepreneurial community. This network is available for members to connect and covers relevant contacts for different phases of a company’s lifecycle
    • Mentorship – All members of the Club act as mentors by openly sharing experiences and their network and offering help in business decisions
    • External events – Organize and initiate events at companies and startups for interested members
    • Internal Events – Communicate all internal events related to core interests of the Club organized through ESMT or the student body
    • Inspiration – Share relevant information and interesting articles on entrepreneurial topics

    Some past projects

    • Developing an international rollout plan for a new product developed by a Berlin-based smartphone app technology provider
    • Conducting market research and create an internationalization strategy for a successful internet real estate portal based in Berlin
    • Recommending relevant solutions for foreign market entry to a German-based renewable energy management firm
    • Expanding a successful e-business startup into further European markets


  • Innovation & Technology Club


    Student-led Innovation and Technology Club aims to facilitate learning among the ESMT student community, interested in understanding Technology and its impact on business


    Newsletter, Speaker sessions from industry leaders and subject matter experts, and Hands-on learning through online courses

  • Investment & Fintech Club


    The ESMT Investment Club is a group of ESMT students who share a common interest in learning more about investment opportunities and applying their skills in practice.


    The Investment Club aims to learn about the different investment types, the analysis of the investments and the criteria for decision-making. Primary goals of the organization are for members to be exposed to the Investment market, make a profit by following their investment strategy and sharing their knowledge.


    • Providing lessons about investment basics
    • Discussing investment portfolios and exploring various investment strategies
    • Assigning people into various portfolio teams, monitoring results
    • Understanding finance in the context of the world economy and international relations
    • Inviting speakers to discuss investment strategies on issues such as sustainable investments
    • Investing in the German Stock Market
    • Portfolio investment Workshops
    • Participation in Investment Competitions
  • Marketing Club


    The ESMT Berlin Marketing Club (EMC) is a facilitator for students and alumni to engage with and experience the subject of marketing. Its purpose is to contribute to members’ understanding of the marketing world, trends and companies through presentations, lectures and networking events.


    1. Deeper awareness of the different realms of marketing (from the advertising industry, market research, digital marketing, social media marketing, sales) to a more general look into the media, sports and entertainment industries, etc.
    2. Sharing marketing expertise
    3. Sharing and learning about current marketing trends and best practices
  • Meraki Club

    Who we are

    Meraki Club is a student-based organization providing operational and strategic support to Meraki Smile School. We help ESMT students understand, learn, and implement the main functions of an NGO. Our mission is to help underprivileged children in Madagascar to gain access to quality education and healthcare.

    What is Meraki Smile School?

    Founded by fellow ESMT Alumni - Miriam Agüero, Meraki Smile School is no ordinary school. It is a non-profit school located in the slum of the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo. Meraki Smile School has developed a socio-educational project for vulnerable 6-year-old children focusing on three key areas: access to high-quality education, fighting against child labour and gender inequality, and access to healthcare and nutritional support. 

    Meraki Smile School believes that education should be fun and aims for every student that comes to the school to leave every day with a bigger smile. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty through quality education. In 2021, the school enrolled its first 30 children, 15 girls and 15 boys, and is now looking forward to welcoming 15 more in September 2023.


    Meraki Club gives ESMT students the opportunity to work for an NGO in Madagascar, interact with a broader team beyond ESMT and create a real impact on people's lives. Once you become a member of the club, you have the choice to either work on short- or long-term projects in one of our teams or suggest your own idea. We provide projects in the fields of Finance & Strategy, Marketing, Partnership, HR, Operations and Education. Projects will be updated on a monthly basis, depending on the needs of the school in Madagascar. In addition, you can also organize fundraising activities at ESMT, promote Meraki across the city of Berlin or your own hometown and help spread awareness of the project.


    Maddalena Montesi - MIM 2023:


    Ramsha Mistry - MIM 2023:


    Follow us on Instagram and check out the website

  • Net Impact Club

    Net Impact is a global, non-profit organization consisting of over 100,000 members globally, with an aim to inspire and equip emerging leaders to build a more just a sustainable world.

    ESMT is proud to host the first and only Net Impact chapter in Germany. We are dedicated to improving the world around us through our mission: “to drive sustainable business practices and social responsibility by leveraging technology and collaboration”.

    The club is focused on delivering key initiatives that have a positive impact on society. Our current key initiative is creating the world’s first open-source carbon accounting system by co-organizing hackathons around the world with Yale OpenLab, among many other partners.

    We support global campaigns and events that build leadership skills, establish networks, and help students make a lifelong impact. Our programs aim to inspire the community and develop socially responsible, next generation leaders.

  • Queery Club


    Advocate a more gender-friendly environment and awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community. Provide a safe harbour for those who feel isolated and different from the norm. Be a source of information for allies and become a diversity hire hub between ESMT Berlin and the business world.


    ESMT Berlin achieves the fifth-highest score in Germany and the highest in Berlin/Brandenburg in UHLALA's LGBTIQ+ Campus Index. Check out the report. (in German)

  • Soccer Club


    football teamMission 

    The ESMT Soccer Club consists of students from every ESMT program so all are welcome. The club play in the official Uni Liga Berlin (after achieving promotion last year) which means the club have a game every Saturday or Sunday. Training occurs weekly, but will be discussed after every game to find a time that works for all team members.


    Through our club activities we offer a great sports atmosphere where everyone can connect and have fun through a friendly game of football. Students will get to team up with other students from across all of ESMT's programs, so good networking as well as good fitness!


    You can contact us by emailing Sören Langhoff, ESMT students who wish to participate will be added to the official Soccer Club WhatsApp group.



  • Women in Leadership Club

    Mission and goals

    We rally the ESMT Berlin community, men and women, by raising awareness on the need for more equal chances in the work environment, by empowering future female leaders to unlock their full potential and by building a strong and long-lasting community of allies.


    • Awareness: Make the biggest number aware of the current situation, create a safe space for discussion, share relevant and impactful information to trigger self-reflection and action.
    • Empowerment: Equip future female leaders with resources and tools to help them unlock their potential and reach their professional goals.
    • Community: Build a sustainable and active community of women and allies.

    Contact information: