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ESMT’s student clubs are student initiatives that begin with a desire to get directly involved, where theory meets practice. Each club at ESMT was formed by students’ proposals and a desire to create something new and productive for future ESMT students. Students from all three degree programs are welcome to join and take part in initiatives.

Read further about the missions and goals of the various student organizations at ESMT.

ESMT student clubs

  • Entrepreneurship Club


    The Entrepreneurship Club (EPS) creates opportunities for ESMT students and alumni to exchange ideas, support and experience around all subjects related to the entrepreneurial environment. Its primary purpose is to provide members direct insight into all phases of the lifecycle of a company, from the business idea to market penetration and establishment, all the way to the IPO, acquisition or insolvency. The club organize visits to Berlin startups and VCs, invite guest speakers with entrepreneurial thinkers and build bridges between ESMT and other universities in entrepreneurial aspects by welcoming foreign university EPCs' visit to Berlin. Past events have included Delivery Hero, Babbel, Zeotap, Early Bird, Instiglio,  et cetera.. Furthermore, in 2018, the Club organized the first ever ESMT Hackathon. Many students and programmers joined the event, which strengthened ESMT´s presence among the local and European startup scene.

    In the "MBA for Entrepreneurship" ranking 2018 the Financial Times ranks ESMT Berlin as: #38 Globally, #16 in Europe and #2 in Germany.


    • Network – grow the network within the entrepreneurial community. This network is available for members to connect and covers relevant contacts for different phases of a company’s lifecycle
    • Mentorship – All members of the Club act as mentors by openly sharing experiences and their network and offering help in business decisions
    • External events – Organize and initiate events at companies and startups for interested members
    • Internal Events – Communicate all internal events related to core interests of the Club organized through ESMT or the student body
    • Inspiration – Share relevant information and interesting articles on entrepreneurial topics

    Some past projects

    • Developing an international rollout plan for a new product developed by a Berlin-based smartphone app technology provider
    • Conducting market research and create an internationalization strategy for a successful internet real estate portal based in Berlin
    • Recommending relevant solutions for foreign market entry to a German-based renewable energy management firm
    • Expanding a successful e-business startup into further European markets


  • Innovation & Technology Club


    The ESMT Berlin Innovation & Technology Club aims to gather like-minded students to deepen their understanding of the technology industry and major companies such as Google, Amazon, Wincor, Siemens, etc. Members focus on sharing tech expertise and learning about current trends. The Club also intends to share career insights on the tech industry, including what potential talent companies seek, and how ESMT students can contribute to the work of technology organizations.


    1. Seminars and sharing amongst ESMT community: EMBA and MBA students with a tech background bring their insights and knowledge, and share what they were working on; External lecturers/teachers share their practical experience
    2. Company visits: First-hand understanding about companies' products/solutions/services/roadmaps, e.g industrial companies, autonomous vehicles, cloud services, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
    3. Workshops: Including students and companies for practical knowledge transfer, e.g. implementation of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform / Amazon Web Services AWS for the potential customer, or introduction of a product roadmap.

    Contact us to know more by visiting our website.

  • Investment Club


    The ESMT Investment Club is a group of ESMT students who share a common interest in learning more about investment opportunities and applying their skills in practice.


    The Investment Club aims to learn about the different investment types, the analysis of the investments and the criteria for decision-making. Primary goals of the organization are for members to be exposed to the Investment market, make a profit by following their investment strategy and sharing their knowledge.


    • Providing lessons about investment basics
    • Discussing investment portfolios and exploring various investment strategies
    • Assigning people into various portfolio teams, monitoring results
    • Understanding finance in the context of the world economy and international relations
    • Inviting speakers to discuss investment strategies on issues such as sustainable investments
    • Investing in the German Stock Market
    • Portfolio investment Workshops
    • Participation in Investment Competitions
  • Marketing Club


    The ESMT Berlin Marketing Club (EMC) is a facilitator for students and alumni to engage with and experience the subject of marketing. Its purpose is to contribute to members’ understanding of the marketing world, trends and companies through presentations, lectures and networking events.


    1. Deeper awareness of the different realms of marketing (from the advertising industry, market research, digital marketing, social media marketing, sales) to a more general look into the media, sports and entertainment industries, etc.
    2. Sharing marketing expertise
    3. Sharing and learning about current marketing trends and best practices
  • Net Impact Club

    ESMT is proud to host the first Net Impact chapter in Germany! Net Impact, a global community of students and professionals who aspire effective change agents, offers emerging leaders the skills, experiences and connections they need to make a lasting social and environmental impact, as students and throughout their careers and helps turn passions into a lifetime of effective, large-scale actions. The club is pursuing projects along three core themes: Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Education. Along these lines, the club also hosts an assortment of speakers and guests to share their knowledge with ESMT students and provide opportunities for future collaboration.


    • Case study competitions and workshops
    • speaker sessions, panel discussions
    • Networking events
    • Fellowships
    • Film screenings on different types of sustainability
    • Partnerships with companies
    • consulting services for social businesses
    • Engagement in a student-mentoring program at Berlin Metropolitan School as well as two separate programs in Africa.
    • Traditional fundraising for student scholarships in Haiti once a year

    Find out more about the club on their website: Net Impact or contact them at

Student Initiatives

  • Zero Waste Initiative


    Zero Waste Initiative aims to transform ESMT Berlin into a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly Campus. Our goal is to create a platform where students, faculty and staff can educate themselves and bring sustainability initiatives to life.

    Current initiatives

    We run multiple initiatives aimed at raising sustainability awareness and incorporating sustainable choices into every day life and drive long-term change. Here are some examples:

    •     Introduction of a 3-bin recycling system on Campus and respective recycling training
    •     Introduction of recyclable coffee mugs on Campus
    •     Informational stickers and posters around Campus that promote sustainable choices
    •     Annual sustainability survey
    •     Book recycling system

    For further information, please contact


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Members of the Entrepreneurship Club
The ESMT Hacknight 2018

Fourteen teams, composed of business people and techies, participated in the first ESMT Berlin Hacknight in September 2018. The student-led ESMT Entrepreneurship Club organized the Hackathon.

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