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The ESMT Berlin MBA

Educating leaders for the future of business

Applications are still being considered for the January 2020 start term on a case by case basis.

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ESMT’s MBA is a one-year, personalized program that starts in January each year. The MBA program is based in Berlin, Germany, with significant international and intercultural components. MBA courses focus on innovation, technology, managing big data, sustainable business development, entrepreneurship, and global strategic management. Click here to learn more about our program strengths.

At its core, ESMT’s MBA program takes a general management and personal development approach that gathers up to 65 students from more than 30 countries. At ESMT, we believe that 50% of an MBA experience is new learning in the classroom, and 50% is integrative, personal development. Throughout the program, the MBA challenges students to work in diverse teams, discover their drives and limits, and question conventional thinking.

Living in Berlin provides students with great location advantages in any of the three core tracks. Innovation & Entrepreneurship courses lead you from idea generation all the way to implementation and commercialization, with Berlin's entrepreneurial ecosystem as a backdrop. Managerial Analytics concentrates on the skills and knowledge needed to manage analysts and drive insightful decision-making processes, while Strategic Leadership hones the aptitude to design, evaluate, and execute complex growth strategies across borders and in large corporations. Strong connections to corporations, small-and-midsized enterprises and industry allow students to observe and practice themes taught in the last two tracks.

Fees & financing

The tuition fee for the full-time, one-year program is €43,500. Learn more about how to finance your business management degree.

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View all of your courses, electives, track options, professional development programming, and international opportunities during the MBA.

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The MBA program ranks among Europe's best. See where we land in the Financial Times, the Economist, and more.



We operate a rolling admissions process. The final deadline to apply for the MBA 2020 class is November 4, 2019. Learn more about what you'll need to apply.

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